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Experience The Best Steam Rug Cleaning Services in London

You might have noticed dirt on the rug that makes your whole place unhealthy. No matter how much you clean the place, if your rug is dirty, it will spread unhygienic everywhere. To tackle these issues, Shine Rug cleaning London is here with the best Steam Rug Cleaning in London.

Steam rug cleaning is one of the best measures to kill and remove 100 percent of specks of dust and germs in your rug. You must be aware of the fact that a badly soiled and mites-loaded rug requires good washing.

Try out the most efficient steam rug cleaning offered by Shine Rug Cleaning London, for both private and commercial clients. The professional team at our company has been known in this industry for more than 15 years now. Our expert cleaners are successfully deep cleaning rugs and carpets using the steam method.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee with steam rug cleaning in London. Every year, we come up with around 15,000 happy customers from our services in London itself. 97 percent of the customers we get for steam rug cleaning and other services are from the recommendations of our happy customers as they suggest their friends and relatives to take our services.

Our professional cleaners efficiently perform steam cleaning service with high-quality machines laced with new generation technology. They also use certified solutions to wash the rug and treat the stains.

To get an instant free and non-compulsory price quote regarding the cleaning service your place needs and you are interested in, give us a call or send a request using digital mode here. The operators are here at your service 24*7, and they will process your request in no time without any unnecessary delay.

Best Steam Rug Cleaning at Reasonable Rates

Steam cleaning can only be performed well using a modern and professional machine, and this method is also called hot water extraction. The steam cleaning service is best for synthetic wool rugs.

Our experienced cleaner will meet you at the exact time at the address you booked, and they will arrive wearing the company uniform with a badge. The cleaner will start his work by performing a keen and detailed observation of your rug to check the type of materials used to make it, along with determining which treatment will be suitable. Also, the cleaner will pre-treat the stains which can be removed and the dense soiled areas on the rug before washing it.

Then, the cleaning expert will hoover the dirt with an efficient, powerful vacuum cleaner so as to clean the rug removing all the dust in one go. They will perform a test of cleaning solution on a small hidden site of the rug, and if everything is fine, the cleaner will carry on the steam rug cleaning.

The high-tech machine contains a shampoo solution that washes the rug through tiny nozzles by spraying the steam and solution at extreme pressure and simultaneously extracts a high amount of it back. Eventually, they rinse the rug with normal clean water using the same machine.

In a ventilated room, the service is usually done within 3 hours, including the time it takes to dry the rug. This is possible because of the water extraction facility in the machine that extracts up to 95 percent of the water from the rug. Professional steam cleaning guarantees 100 percent removal of dust mites and other dangerous microorganisms. It is also known for residue and allergens removal and will create a healthier environment in the room.

Additional Services

You can request our agency for a special mobile air system that helps speed up the drying process along with a certified protective solution to protect the rug from stains and dust accumulation for an extended period.

Optional deodorizing to give a better smell and ambiance in the house or workplace is also available, and you can opt for it. Such a solution is completely safe for you and your loved ones. It would be best if you ask for a spring cleaning of the premise by moving out of the property for a few days.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment for the best and fastest steam rug cleaning service in London.


1. How to book a steam rug cleaning service?

To book steam rug cleaning in London, you have to spend only a couple of minutes, and we do not ask for any advance booking charges. All you have to do is make a call or fill out the booking request form online. Our customer support employees are at your service all the time.

2. Do you also clean area rugs?

Yes, our cleaners are well trained in cleaning area rugs.

3. Which is better: steam cleaning or shampooing carpet?

Steam cleaning helps vanish dirt, grime, and grease along with sanitizing and killing up to 99 percent of bacteria, while shampoo on a rug can leave residues making dirt accumulation faster. Hence, steam cleaning is clearly a better choice for rugs.

4. Can you steam clean my carpet?

Yes! Our steam cleaning is effective on carpets also.

5. Is steam cleaning costlier than any other method?

The amount we charge for steam cleaning is not much, and it also ensures deep cleaning without any hassle.

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